Courses, readings and handcrafted products for holistic health, positive growth and intentional living.

  • Payments are easy with Paypal or Credit Card. Be sure to have access to your key-code if required by your bank. As with any online Shop, add items to your Cart and follow the prompts to Checkout.
  • For affiliate products and Community E-Books, click on the relevant links and you’ll be taken to the lead page. As an affiliate, I receive a small commission for anything that you buy in that session (you never pay more.)
  • Is the price right? I support the model of Economic Justice as a means of promoting equity in an increasingly unbalanced world. This calls for honesty and personal integrity. For some of my services I’m flexible with regards to payment. Click here to read more about Economic Justice. Contact me if you’d like to talk.
  • Random acts of gratitude and generosity. This website and blog is a one-woman show. Donations are blessings. They are a tangible gesture of support and are so appreciated. You can give on Paypal and know that my love is rippling out to you and throughout the Universe.


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