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Your Health Matters


Don’t spend another minute worrying about what to do.


Stop researching, scrolling, making appointments and wasting time.

I’ve done all that for you. I’ve studied it, collated it and, through my Health Reset programs, I present it to you in a clear and practical way.

Most importantly, I’ve lived it. I know the pain and the anxiety, as well as the ups and downs of the healing journey.

I know your can reset your health.

And I can say with sincerity: It’s worth it. You’re worth it. Your health matters.

Transform Autoimmune Issues, Pain and Stress

Into Energy, Relief and Joy… Naturally & Forever

Hi, I’m Angie

I’m a Primal Health Coach since 2019.

I help others experience the relief and joy that comes from adopting the ancestral health model known as the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle.

In 2014 I was in my early 40’s and heading towards autoimmune disease. Through following these recommendations, I turned the situation around.

I want you to do the same.

I’ve put together everything that you need to manage autoimmune issues, reduce pain, lower stress… and you’ll lose excess weight as a bonus!

All in a way that makes the process fascinating and the results come through fast.

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Health is Our Natural State

My flagship Reset programs show you exactly

  • WHERE we’ve come from (slim, strong, healthy, switched on)
  • WHAT our Body/Mind needs for good health (diet and lifestyle factors)
  • HOW to activate the process of radical healing (mostly, it’s about food, but not all)

Health is Easy. You Just Need to Know What to Do

There’s so much confusion around health these days. We’re the only species on the planet that can’t work out what to eat and how to live in order to be strong.

But it never used to be that way. Many (most?) of the ailments that we’re living with today were unheard of a couple of generations ago.

Contemporary life has distanced us from the vital aspects of Diet and Lifestyle that guarantee good health.

We’ve forgotten the basics and we need to re-learn what to do.

This is exactly what happens when you do a Reset.

You re-learn, remember and recalibrate on a cellular level.

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Recalibrate Metabolism, Immunity, Inflammation & Stress

By learning how to Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Think in radically healing ways.

Do You Need to Reset Your Health?


Are any of these issues limiting your life?

❏ Can’t Lose Weight

❏ Constant Hunger

❏ Acid Reflux

❏ Bloating


❏ General Digestive Issues

❏ High Cholesterol

❏ High Triglycerides

❏ High Blood Pressure


❏ Aching Joints

❏ Sore Muscles

❏ Tendinitis

❏ Chronic Pain

❏ Skin Rashes

❏ Food Intollerances

❏ Allergies

❏ Respiratory Problems

❏ Frequent Colds and ‘Flu’s

❏ Autoimmune Issues

❏ Poor Sleep

❏ Low Energy

❏ Chronic Fatigue

❏ Chronic Stress

❏ Anxiety

❏ Fertility Issues

❏ Hormonal Issues

❏ Low Self Esteem

❏ Brain Fog

❏ Can’t Move Forward

Yes, Yes & Yes

If you’re living with these or similar issues, then I encourage you to do a Reset.

You’ll feel the difference. Everyone does.

Blonde woman sitting by a wall and smiling.

What Can I Expect?


It’s different for everyone, but these results are astoundingly common:

Digestive issues resolve, bloating and acid reflux disappear.

Energy stabilizes.

Sugar cravings are conquered.

Inflammatory pain subsides.

Menstrual cycles regulate.

Autoimmune flares are reduced

Seasonal allergies, hayfever and sinusitis vanish.

Sleep is deeper and longer.

Skin and eyes glow.

Energy, self confidence and passion for life return.


You can expect to feel like You again

And you’ll love yourself for having done the program.

I’ve Tried Everything. Why Will This Work?

Well, It’s Because of This…

Woman in suit with headache.

Most health models only address one issue: it’s either weight, or pain, or stress.

Most health strategies are about treating symtoms rather than addressing the root cause.

They’re both missing the point.

3 Factors

Health depends upon the interplay between 3 factors: Metabolism, Inflammation and Stress. When our Metabolism is balanced, when our Inflammation levels are low and when we comfortably manage Stress, then the journey to good health is optimized.

Venn Metabolism, Inflammation, Stress

3 Systems

In order to achieve this, we need to heal and strengthen 3 core systems: the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System.

And to get the interplay happening, we need to address all of these, all at the same time.

The best way to do this is by honouring our DNA.

Venn Digestive Immune Nervous Systems

5 Elements

It’s All About DNA

Strength and vitality are hardwired into our genes, and many genes are like on/off switches.

Through diet and lifestyle choices, we can “turn on” those that lead to health, and “turn off” those which lead to disease. Because genes respond instantly to stimulus, it doesn’t take long to re-program them.

There are 5 fundamental areas of human biology which have a huge impact on our wellbeing.

These are the 5 Elements of my Paleo Reset Programs:

Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Be Smart

Metabolism, Inflammation, Stress

Reset your health in a month.

Why’s It Called “Paleo”?

When we talk about the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle, the Primal Blueprint or the Ancestral Health Model, we’re referring to recommendations which optimize the expression of our homo sapiens DNA. This genetic code evolved during the 2.5 million years of the Paleolithic period and is identical for all humans. It’s what we’ve inherited from our ancestors, and from a time when only the strongest survived. It’s for this reason that the guidelines activate robust health, and work for everyone.

Nutritious Paleo food on a blue plate with avocado and egg.

What Do You Eat?

“Paleo” means we eat the food that humans ate before the Agricultural revolution – protein sourced from animals, healthy fats, vegetables, salad, fruit, seeds and nuts. We avoid cereals and grains, legumes, industrialised seed oils and refined sugars and sweeteners. When doing a Reset, we also avoid dairy and alcohol.

Our meals are satisfying and deeply nutritious. There’s no counting calories or weighing portions!

You’ll quickly see how well your Body/Mind responds… and yes, certain treats are allowed.

The Paleo Reset 31

The Paleo Reset 31 is the foundation of all of my programs.

  • It’s 31 days of education and motivation.
  • It’s a one-month detox-and-reset that quickly activates positive gene expression.
  • It’s based upon Daily Emails that are filled with captivating information, recipes and motivation.
  • Each day’s topic is linked to a video. I read it with you, so I’m right beside you every step of the way.
  • Step by step you’re taken through everything you need to do in order to activate good health.
  • There’s no need to log in or enter passwords. The Reset comes right to you.

Whether you’re enrolled in the Essential, the Group or a Private program, the Paleo Reset 31 is the Base Camp of your journey.

Two friends hugging

I’m Curious. What’s Included?

Depending on which program you choose, your Reset includes Education with Step-by-Step Instructions, Daily Motivation, Videos, Resources, Recipes, Community, Coaching, Emails and Messaging.

Education: Step by Step


Knowledge is Power

Understanding the reasons behind the recommendations is key to staying motivated and on track with the program.

Everything is filtered through in “bite-sized” pieces and in a logical order.

You’ll learn about health and put the knowledge into practice, both at the same time.

It’s a powerful program.

Education is key to staying motivated on the Reset.

Daily Motivation


Stay Connected to the Process

Every day you’ll receive a gorgeous Email with fascinating information, practical steps, videos, recipes and mindset exercises.

Daily Motivation keeps you connected to the process of the Reset.



Listen, Learn, Follow

Each email contains an embedded video whereby I read the daily topic with you. This makes every day of the Reset personal and engaging, and it activates your learning.

Videos add personality to the Reset and they activate your learning.



At Your Fingertips

The Complete Guide explains everything from A to Z and includes Worksheets, a DIY menu, Shopping and Tool Lists and daily affirmations.

My Recipe Book is the perfect companion for your journey, full of food that’s essential for every healthy home.

All the resources of the Reset in A4 format for easy printing.



Nutritious & Delicious

The title, Easy & Essential Paleo Recipes for Busy People, says it all. This is the food I cook every day, and I share my best with you. As well as around 100 recipes, you’ll find shopping tips and nutritional advice.

The Reset Recipe collection - fast, easy, nutritious and delicious.



There’s Strength in Numbers

Our private Facebook group, The Paleo Reset Hub, is the place to share questions, photos, challenges and success stories with women like yourself who are on the same path.

You are never alone. Engage in the Reset community.



I’m Here for You

Questions or concerns? Whatever your program, I’m here for you.

Are you doing the Essential Reset? Connect with me on Instagram. I respond with posts and reels.

In a Group of Friends? Share in The Hub. I go into details with Quick Coaching Live Videos.

Are you a Private Client? You’ll be lovingly reassured and powerfully motivated through our one hour video calls.

As your Coach, I'm here for you every step of the way.

Emails and Messages


I’m Your Lifeline

Exclusively for private clients, you can contact me as often as you need. I’m your compass, your sail and your anchor as you navigate the open sea.

Exclusive Emails and Messages for Private Coaching Clients

It Sounds Amazing. What Are My Options?

There are three ways in which you can do the Paleo Reset, depending on how much support you need:

One-to-One: The Private Reset

With Friends: The Paleo Reset 31

Self Guided: The Essential Reset

One-to-One: The Private Reset

The Private Reset is the “All You Can Eat” option. It’s perfect for when you need the empowered support of an individualised program. Be prepared for a lot of loving connection and strategic goal setting. We’ll touch base often to keep you on track and commited.


In a Group: The Paleo Reset 31

The Paleo Reset 31 is the “Classic” version. It’s ideal for when you need the dynamic energy of a fun and interactive group. The action happens in our Facebook group, and included are 2 private coaching sessions where we focus entirely on you.


Self Guided: The Essential Reset

The Essential Reset is the “Self Service” choice. It’s excellent for when you’re feeling self motivated and strong. The daily dose of inspiration will keep you centred and engaged. There’s online support and if you need more you can always upgrade.

The Right Information and the Right Support

Means long term, tangible transformation.

How Much Support Do You Need?


I’m self motivated and self sufficient, but I need motivational input every day to activate my intentions.

The Essential Reset includes

✔︎ Education

✔︎ Daily Motivation

✔︎ Videos

✘ Resources

✘ Recipes

✘ Community

✘ Private Coaching

✘ Emails & Messages

Patience Please, Coming Soon


Register Your Interest


I need the interactive support of a dynamic group to keep me focused, and a couple of private sessions will be perfect.

The Paleo Reset 31 includes

✔︎ Education

✔︎ Daily Motivation

✔︎ Videos

✔︎ Resources

✔︎ Recipes

✔︎ Community

✔︎ Private Coaching (2)

✘ Emails & Messages

Are you in 3 or more?

€279 each person

Book Your Place


I need a tailored program with 1-to-1 support and strategic conversation to energise and empower my goals. 

The Private Reset includes

✔︎ Education

✔︎ Daily Motivation

✔︎ Videos

✔︎ Resources

✔︎ Recipes

✔︎ Community

✔︎ Private Coaching

✔︎ Emails & Messages

We Need to Talk!

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