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Burn Fat, Reduce Pain, Be Stress Free … Naturally and Forever.

The Paleo Reset 31 is a dynamic online program for women who want to reset their health, feel great and be empowered.

Includes: Education, Resources, Recipes, Daily Motivation, Live Coaching & Support, Community and 2 BONUS Private Coaching Sessions.

  • The Complete Guide
  • Paleo Reset 31 Daily Emails
  • Easy & Essential Paleo Recipes for Busy People
  • PDF’s | Worksheets
  • Coaching Live & Support
  • Community
  • 2 x Private Coaching Sessions


The Paleo Reset 31 is a transformative 31 day Health and Wellness journey. We heal and strengthen the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System, all at the same time. Everyone is amazed by the results.


Paleo Reset 31

Burn Fat, Reduce Pain, Be Stress Free… Naturally and Forever.

What’s the Paleo Reset 31?

The Paleo Reset 31 is a fun 31 day “Detox-and-Reset”.

It’s perfect for women who want to detox, feel great and be empowered through the interplay of a dynamic group.

How Does the Paleo Reset Work?

Health is Easy. It depends upon 3 key factors:

  • METABOLISM. We need to burn fat, not sugar.
  • INFLAMMATION. We need to stop activating the immune system.
  • STRESS. We need sleep, sun, calm, real connections and joy.

This means we need to heal and strengthen 3 core systems:


The best way to do this is by honoring our DNA. Strength and vitality are hardwired into our genes, and many of our genes are like on/off switches. Through the choices of Diet and Lifestyle, we can activate those that lead to health and deactivate those that lead to disease. Since genes respond instantly to stimuli, it takes less than a month to reprogram them.

There are five key areas that have a huge impact on our health.

These are the 5 ELEMENTS of the Paleo Reset:

Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Be Smart

By focusing on these areas, we re-program the Digestive System, the Immune System adn the Nervous System, all at the same time.

What Can I Expect?

The Paleo Reset 31 will teach you how to Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Think in radically anti-inflammatory ways.

You’ll feel the difference in less than a month. Everyone does!

You can expect to lose weight, reduce pain, and calm your mind. Digestive problems will resolve, bloating will diasappear, your hormones will recalibrate, you’ll sleep more soundly. Your skin and eyes will glow and your energy will return – you’ll feel like yourself again and love yourself for having taken the leap.

What Do I Receive?

When you enroll in the Paleo Reset 31 you receive Education, Resources, Recipes, Daily Support, Quick Coaching Live and Community and  2 BONUS Private Coaching Sessions

  • Education: Knowledge is Power. Understanding the reasons behind the recommendations is the key to staying motivated.
  • Resources: A to Z, Everything Explained. Receive The Complete Guide, Worksheets, a Weekly Menu to customize and bonus positive affirmations.
  • Recipes: Nutritious and Delicious. My E-book of recipes, Easy & Essential Paleo Recipes For Busy People – these are the recipes I use every day.
  • Daily Motivation: Stay Connected to the Process. 31 Daily Emails, fascinating and easy to “digest” information in your inbox every day.
  • Coaching & Support: I’m Here to Help You. Live Coaching in The Paleo Reset Hub to answer questions and keep you motivated.
  • Community: There’s Strength in Numbers! The beauty of the Paleo Reset 31 Online Group is the sharing and dialogue that happeins in the Paleo Reset Hub. It’s the place to for questions, photos, challenges. support and success stories. It’s gorgeous!


  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Paleo Reset Hub. Stay motivated and receive support beyond the 1st month
  • ONLINE YOGA. One month of Yoga online in The Quality Life Studio.
  • PRIVATE COACHING. 2 Private Coaching Appointments to focus on your unique situation.

You’ll feel the difference in less than a month, everyone does!

See and Feel the Difference in Just 31 Days

The Paleo Reset 31 will teach you how to Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Think in radically anti-inflammatory ways.

With the Paleo Reset 31, Transforming Your Health is Easy and Fun

We work with the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System all at the same time. In a month you will:

  • Transform your body from “Burning Sugar” to Burning Fat “.
  • Learn that saturated fat and cholesterol are not your enemies.
  • Understand that exercise has no effect on weight loss.
  • See that the maximum physical potential can be achieved in a minimum of time.
  • Establish the foundation for healthy habits that can last a lifetime, eating all the delicious food that you want.
  • Understand from experience how the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle work.
  • Quit or cut down on medications and pain relievers.
  • Slow down Autoimmunity issues.
  • Lose weight effortlessly and know how to keep it off forever.
  • Glow with an energy that you didn’t remember having.


Reclaim your life, for the rest of your life!

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  1. Rachel Boston (verified owner)

    I’ve just finished Paleo Reset 31 day program and the change in my body and mind has been profound. I’ve got control of my appetite and am feeding myself for greater energy. I’ve lost 5 kilos and my IBS symptoms have disappeared. I also have better sleep. What I loved about the program was the full support with daily emails and live videos that were always stimulating and packed with information, ideas and recipes to keep on track, and the individual coaching sessions really helped me explore and overcome my challenges along the way. Angie is a fantastic and authentic coach, she’s been there and is super responsive and encouraging. She has made a huge difference to my health and my life in such a short time! I highly recommend this program as awesome value for money; health is precious and despite trying by myself for a year to ‘go paleo’ I really needed this teaching and coaching to get on track, tackle my sugar addiction, and step onto a path of greater health and healing.

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