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Burn Fat, Reduce Pain, Release Stress … Naturally and Forever.

The Paleo Reset is a transformative 31 day Health and Wellness journey. We heal and strengthen the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System, all at the same time. It’s a powerful program, it’s fascinating and the results come through fast.

The Essential Reset is the Self Guided program, perfect for when you’re feeling self motivated and strong.


  • Education
  • Daily Motivation
  • Videos
  • Resources
  • Recipes
  • Coaching and Support on Instagram

You’ll see and feel the difference within 31 days – everyone does.

Note: It’s easy to start your Reset. Please read the “3 Steps to Start” in the Product Description below.

Note: After purchasing, but before starting the Reset, you’ll be asked to sign the Terms & Conditions. You can read and download them here.

Paleo Reset 31

Burn Fat, Reduce Pain, Release Stress… Naturally and Forever.

3 Steps to Start

It’s easy to start your Reset.

  1. ENROL. On Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, purchase your Reset here.
  2. PREPARE. On Thursday at the latest, connect with me and send me your forms so I can give you the link to start.
  3. ACTIVATE. On Sunday evening, press “Start”. You’ll receive your first email exactly 12 hours later.

Be sure to check all your email folders including Spam/Junk and mark your Reset emails as “important”.

Follow these simple steps so that you start your Reset on Monday.

The Essential Reset – Who Is It For?

The Paleo Reset 31 is an intensive 31 day “Detox-and-Reset”.

The Essential Reset is the Self Guided version. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling self motivated and strong. The daily dose of inspiration will keep you centred and engaged. I offer loads of support through Instagram and if you need more you can always book a private coaching session.

How Does the Paleo Reset Work?

Health is Easy. It depends upon 3 key factors:

  • METABOLISM. We need to burn fat, not sugar.
  • INFLAMMATION. We need to stop activating the immune system.
  • STRESS. We need sleep, sun, calm, real connections and joy.

Essentially, we need to heal and strengthen 3 core systems:


The best way to do this is by honoring our DNA. Strength and vitality are hardwired into our genes, and many of our genes are like on/off switches. Through our diet and lifestyle choices, we can activate the genes that lead to health and deactivate those that lead to disease. Since genes respond instantly to stimuli, it takes less than a month to reprogram them.

There are five key areas that have a huge impact on our health.

These are the 5 ELEMENTS of the Paleo Reset:

Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Be Smart

By focusing on these areas, we re-program the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System, all at the same time.

It’s a powerful program!

What Can I Expect?

The Paleo Reset 31 teaches you how to Eat, Move, Sleep, Connect and Think in radically anti-inflammatory ways.

You’ll feel the difference in less than a month. Everyone does!

You can expect to lose weight, reduce pain, and calm your mind. Digestive problems will resolve, bloating will diasappear, your hormones will recalibrate, you’ll sleep more soundly. Your skin and eyes will glow and your energy will return – you’ll feel like yourself again and love yourself for having done the program.

What Do I Receive?

When you enroll in the Essential Reset you receive Education, Daily Motivation, Videos, Resources, Recipes and Social Coaching and Support.

  • Education: Knowledge is Power. Understanding the reasons behind the recommendations is the key to staying motivated.
  • Daily Motivation: Stay Connected to the Process. No log-in or password required! Every day you receive in your In-box a gorgeous Email filled with fascinating and “easy to digest” information.
  • Videos: Listen, Learn, Follow. Each email contains an embedded video of me reading the daily topic with you. This makes every day of the Reset personal and engaging, and it activates your learning.
  • Resources: At Your Fingertips. The Complete Guide explains everything from A to Z and includes Worksheets, a DIY menu, Shopping and Tool Lists and daily affirmations. My Recipe Book is the perfect companion for your journey, full of food that’s essential for every healthy home.
  • Recipes: Nutritious and Delicious. The title, Easy & Essential Paleo Recipes for Busy People, says it all. This is the food I cook every day, and I share my best with you. As well as around 100 recipes, you’ll find shopping tips and nutritional advice
  • Coaching and Support: I’m Here for You. When you do the Essential Reset, you’ll find me on Instagram for all of your daily questions and concerns. You can send me a DM and I’ll respond through posts, stories and reels. If you need more, you can always book a Private Coaching session – you’ll recieve a couple of invitations to do so as you make your way through the program.

See and Feel the Difference in Just 31 Days

The Essential Reset will have you Eating, Moving, Sleeping, Connecting and Thinking in radically anti-inflammatory ways.

You’ll feel the difference – everyone does – in less than a month.

How it Works

The Paleo Reset works because we work with the Digestive System, the Immune System and the Nervous System all at the same time.

In a month you will:

  • Transform your body from “Sugar Burner” to “Fat Burner”.
  • Learn that saturated fat and cholesterol are not your enemies.
  • Understand that physical exercise has little effect on weight loss.
  • Appreciate that your maximum physical potential can be achieved in a minimum of time.
  • Establish the foundation for healthy habits that can last a lifetime, eating all the delicious food that you want.
  • Experience from the inside out how the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle work.
  • Quit or cut down on medications and pain relievers.
  • Reduce Autoimmune symptoms.
  • Lose weight effortlessly and know how to keep it off forever.
  • Release so much stress.
  • Glow with an energy that you didn’t remember having.


You’ll realise that your optimal life has been waiting for you.

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  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    The perfect way to get yourself in alignment with your body and its natural rhythms! This reset is packed with knowledge and daily encouragement to support you on your journey. You receive recipes, daily movement, and journaling practices, along with crucial health information that will support a healthy shift in the way you nourish your body. Angie truly embodies what she teaches and poured her love into this program! <3

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