Health Coach Angie

Do you have health goals but don’t know how to reach them?

My Health Coaching programs are for women who need to lose weight, reduce pain and manage stress… while recharging energy and strengthening the immune system.

Trust me: there’s no reason for you to be suffering the way you are. Regardless of where you’re starting from, you can alleviate your symptoms and sometimes eliminate them completely. I know this is true, because I’ve reversed my own health issues and helped my clients do the same.

I’m a Primal Health Coach, which means that I work with the model of ancestral health. “Primal” and “Paleo” refer to our DNA, our genes. Through our Diet and Lifestyle choices we can Reset our genes. We can switch off the negative ones and switch on the positive.

Essentially, it’s easy. But pragmatically, it’s difficult to change habits. Human beings are complex creatures. I believe that Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparable, and if we want long-term results, then we need to address them all. My Reset Health Coaching programs are transformational because they heal, strengthen and balance the different layers of our being. When you work with me, you can expect to:

  • Cure the Body – You’ll feel muscle, joint and digestive pain dissipate and dissolve. You skin will be clear, your eyes will glow.
  • Calm the Mind – You’ll relax easier and sleep deeper. You’ll become more resilient to stress. You’ll feel light.
  • Open the Heart – You’ll recharge your energy. You’ll be fun to be around. You’ll be back, living your fabulous life.

As I like to say, “Why be a Firework when you can be a Star?”  We are women, and we want to shine, for the long term.

If you have health goals, then working a Health Coach can mean the difference between success and failure. Why? Because we’re with you every step of the way. 

Unlike your appointments with other health professionals, I don’t abandon you once your session is over. Are you confused? Send me a message, I’ll clarify. Are you craving toxic food? Call me, I’ll talk you through it.  Don’t know how to navigate a social situation? I’ll set you up with a strategy.

When you commit to a program, we concentrate fully on you. My job as your Health Coach is to help you, support you and motivate you to reach your full potential. It’s my pleasure to do so.

If you’re curious, follow that feeling! Set up a Call for a Private Reset.

Learn More: Download your Free Guide to the Paleo Reset 31 – over 30 pages to get you started.