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What Do You Need?

Do you need to Stretch, Release Physical Tension and Relax?

Come along to my Vinyasa Yoga classes. The practice I teach is a gentle yet powerful way to align the body, calm the mind and reclaim a moment of peace.
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Do you desperately need to Lose Weight, Reduce Pain and Manage Stress?

Stop! You should be living a Quality Life - a fabulous life! My Private Program is empowering. You'll see quick results and have long-term success.
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Do you need to Detox -You're feeling Heavy, Unhealthy, Tired and Run Down?

The Paleo Reset 31 is my 4 week online group program. At the end of the month you'll feel great and understand how Diet and Lifestyle choices have immediate results.
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Don’t be Sad, Stressed and Sickly.

Be Happy, Stay Healthy & Get Organized!

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What They’re Saying

Lotus Candle

Barbara, on Yoga

There's so much depth in what you share with us. You always know how to transmit things in a simple and profound way, but at the same time with lightness!

From your stories, your life experience and your daily life, you teach through example how we can experience "the flow of life" in a harmonious way - by listening to our Inner Self and by following what makes us feel good.

Thank you so much for sharing.
Lotus Candle
C'è molta profondità in quello che ci racconti, come sempre del resto, sai trasmettere le cose in modo semplice e molto profondo, e nello stesso tempo con leggerezza!  Dai tuoi racconti, delle tue esperienze di vita, nella quotidianità, si percepisce il tuo "fluire nella vita" in modo armonico, seguendo l'ascolto del tuo Sè, seguendo ciò che ti fa stare bene.  Il tuo racconto, il tuo esempio di come vivi la vita, è insegnamento per noi, grazie di cuore per la condivisione.
Tibetan Bowl

Nicole, on Yoga

I want to thank you for your time and for your yoga lessons, because they've changed me. They've given me time to myself, and have opened a new path. Yoga is now part of of my daily life. You're an excellent teacher, Angie, and I can't wait to start classes with you again!

Thank you so very much. :)
Tibetan Bowl
Ti volevo ringraziare per il tempo e le lezioni trascorse, perchè mi hanno cambiata, mi hanno donato momenti per stare con me stessa, mi hanno fatto intraprendere una nuova strada e mi hanno fatto toccare con mano la disciplina dello yoga, che ad oggi è parte della mia vita quotidiana. Sei un ottima insegnante Angie e non vedo l'ora di riprendere le lezioni con te!  Perciò grazie mille di cuore.  :)
Primal Health

Silvia, on Primal Health Coaching

Before I started the Primal Health Coaching program with Angie I was unaware of what I was eating. I wanted to lose weight, eat well and to be in shape - 360 ° -for my family. I couldn't achieve my goals due to lack of time and stress. Through the program I became aware that so much depends upon food. In fact, through following the Paleo diet, I resolved many problems - weight, diabetes, back pain, sore gums. Now, I'm cooking and using different ingredients. Now, I read food labels carefully!

I no longer believe that I have little willpower, or that I'm too old to change. I want to keep going with Paleo. I'm proud of myself!

What I liked most about the program was learning to understand myself more and focus on my priorities, my needs, my space, and my nutrition. I really enjoyed learning how to cook dishes differently, but still with lots of taste and flavor. I lost weight effortlessly, and I learnt how to cook healthy meals quickly and easily.

Angie was a top Coach, both in terms of the information she provided and as 24/7 assistance. She helped with recipes, and psychologically she was so supportive, with strategies to manage stress, sleep better, create a menu for the week, and take positive action.

Yes, I recommend Angie's Primal Health Coaching program to others.


Primal Health
Non credo più che ho poco forza di volontà, o che sono troppo vecchia per cambiare. Ora credo di poterla fare ad andare avanti con il Paleo. Sono fiera di me.